Trentini’s DNA is almost a niche, a valley of german colonists and miners propably even more. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. Add to that, the name ‘Benedetto’ is not a super common. This was the first time my mother had been to Italy and to see the place her parents lived was absolutely fantastic. Whenever a branch of a family gets very large, with lots of male descendants carrying the family surname, new soprannomi will suddenly spring up to differentiate these various male lines. My father’s sister married a Graiff. I am a free man. Your email address will not be published. 2012: Ibrahimović | PART 2: What can we learn by looking the TOP occupations in the province of Trento in the 1800s? In this 23-minute video, I document our day in Favrio – called 'Freri' in local dialect – sharing the discoveries we made. Mit 20 Toren in 35 Partien wurde er obendrein Torschützenkönig der zweithöchsten italienischen Spielklasse. In this 17-minute video tutorial, I will show you how to export a list from the website, how to convert the raw data into columns, and how to organise it so you can start to create a customised database for your own genealogical research. Ancient Nobles of the Roman Empire? Defend -> Zers/Zerz RU; DE; FR; ES; Remember this site . 2000: Schewtschenko | It is already understood that she would possibly have been known by her husband’s surname if she lived in the US or UK. A Short Tutorial on Trentini Surnames, Welcome to Trentino Genealogy by Lynn Serafinn, Trentino Genealogy – La Genealogia del Trentino, Founded by genealogist Lynn Serafinn, this is a special community for people who are researching their Trentino family history, to enable us to connec…. We’ll also look at some of the common historic surnames associated with each place of these places, and tips for your genealogy research. In 1919, my late father (Romeo Fedele Serafini) was born in Duvredo, which had been the ancestral home of the Serafini family since 1685 (we've actually traced the Serafini family back to 1590, but they were in a different village during that time). It’s really hard to know, Karen. Dennoch wusste Lippi aus vielen gemeinsamen Jahren bei Juventus Turin um die Stärken Del Pieros, dass dieser jederzeit bereit sein würde, wenn er ihn brauchte. For example, perhaps your research diversified, and now you wanted to separate your notes for different branches of the family. Del Piero kam noch in neun der 13 weiteren Spiele zum Einsatz und erzielte dabei einen Treffer. But if we are to have even the slightest chance of understanding them, and to using them as genealogical tools, we must make it a practice to keep a record our family soprannomi whenever we encounter them. Thus, all the Flaim there are technically ‘Nonesi’; it made me wonder how they figured out which branch got to ‘keep’ this soprannome as a memory of their origins. Join our Trentino Genealogy Group on Facebook:, Lynn on Twitter:, View my Santa Croce del Bleggio Family Tree on Ancestry: Question is… what a DNA test could discover about me? ‘Tondi’ sounds like it could either be derived from the name ‘Antonio’ or it might refer to someone who was kind of ’round’ (‘tondo‘), lol! This is quite different from what we associate with the term ‘nickname’, which is usually something intentionally given to someone to create a sense of intimacy and familiarity. All this made a very strong case for concluding that these were one and the same couple, and that ‘Tachel/Tachelli’ was a soprannome for this branch of the Reversi family (a surname that is still in use to this day in that parish). Well, first of all, you probably started renaming the documents, so you knew what was what. 2005: Lucarelli | 0 0. 1956: Pivatelli | 1997: Milinko Pantić | But gradually, and additional outbreaks of plague notwithstanding, the population not only restored itself, but eventually expanded by the 1600s. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend that you start keeping a list of soprannomi, taking care to record: I keep an ongoing list of soprannomi for my father’s parish, mostly from the 1500-1700s. Alessandro Del Piero Wiki Dove vive Alessandro Del Piero Lo venero e lo adoro e vorrei davvero sapere dove abita Alessandro Del Piero Magari è tornato a vivere a la cosa più … 1984: Platini | As this subject is such an important part of Trentino genealogy, I thought it would be helpful to devote an entire article to the subject. I feel like one of my Sicilian friends here in Britain mentioned them, but I will have to ask again. But the combination of Benedetto AND Lucia in Cavaione in the 1580s? This was a method I used when making a tree for someone with family from the parish of Tione di Trento, as the soprannome in that parish are almost always see in conjunction with the surname. 1962: Altafini / Milani | In this 8-minute tutorial, I show you what it can do, and how to use it, even if you don't understand Italian. Unrelated to the topic, I’ve read your articles about the myth surreding the DNA tests, I’m half cimbrean and half trentino… How are illegitimate births recorded in parish records? PART 1: What kind of medicine did people take to combat the plague in the 1500s? Get to Know Your Ancestral ‘Neighbours’ And, as mentioned, the husbands’ surnames stay with the husbands, not the wife. 5 - Enrico Di Giuseppe 5 - Robert Tear 5 - Luciano Pavarotti. 1992: van Basten | It is understood from this context that the surname is Failoni, and the soprannome is Battaia – at least we HOPE that is what he means. In my mind, I imagine the family would often have been seen with blackened hands and faces as a result of their occupation. I also hope I have presented a convincing argument AGAINST the word ‘nickname’ as a translation for the word soprannome. Marco Materazzi | 1949: Nyers | TIP: Whichever method you choose, BE CONSISTENT. Nach Del Pieros starken Leistungen in der Rückrunde der Saison 2007/08 und dem Gewinn der Torjägerwertung berief ihn Donadoni dann schließlich doch in den Kader für die EM 2008 in Österreich und der Schweiz. Seine Ausbildung und Jugend verbrachte Piero wohl in Florenz, wo in den 1430er Jahren eine helle, pastellartige Farbigkeit gepflegt wurde, die 1435 auch von Leon Battista Alberti in seinem Malereitraktat (trattato della pittura) propagiert wurde. 2019 gab Del Piero bekannt, dass er Besitzer des im September 2018 gegründeten United-Premier-Soccer-League-Vereines LA 10 FC aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien ist, welcher den Stadtnamen für Los Angeles und seine Trikotnummer enthält. Massimo Oddo | [3] Diese Verpflichtung sollte nicht nur das Team verstärken, sondern auch dazu dienen, die A-League attraktiver und populärer zu machen. My next trip to Trento is coming up in November 2019, As I’ve had so many other projects lately, I have still not finished the. Thanks for reading and for the great comment. Zusammen mit Patrick Dempsey ist er Besitzer des ALMS-Rennstalls Dempsey Racing. If that person saw that soprannome in a book or in some parish records from the 1600s …well… it is highly unlikely this will be your family soprannome TODAY. It''s just a little introduction to the region. Moreover, the further back you go in time, information about women in general becomes increasingly scant. I’ve put this topic under its own header because I didn’t want it to get lost amongst the other categories. Surname Spotlight: BETTA. 1998: Bierhoff | The advantage of this method is it immediately organised everyone with the same surname-soprannome combination alphabetically in the person index for the tree, which is actually very useful. Nach der WM kehrte er nach einer kurzen Pause wieder in die Nationalmannschaft zurück. Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out. Sein letztes Länderspiel absolvierte Del Piero am 10. ~ Release by Giuseppe Verdi; Mirella Freni, Piero Cappuccilli, José Carreras, Nicolaï Ghiaurov, José van Dam, Giovanni Foiani, ... Coro e Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala ~ conductor: Claudio Abbado ~ Maestro del coro: Romano Gandolfi-Recording: Milan, CTC Studio, 1/1977. Redigonda -> Casonut Thanks for this! 1965: Eusébio / José Augusto Torres | It really doesn’t do the term justice, nor does it reflect its important social function. 2015: Icardi / Toni | Sal Romano of the ‘Trentino Heritage’ blog told me that one of the soprannome for his Iob family was ‘Sicher’, which he theorises may have come from the personal name of a man named Sichero (Sicherius in Latin) in the 1670s. Consider this amazing ‘Moorish’ chandelier in Castel Stenico in Val Giudicarie. Seine erste Partie der Indian Super League 2014 absolvierte er am 14. So, this is a “soprannome”! I’m not sure ‘Tradenta’ would derive from trident (tridentum), as the ‘tra’ and ‘tri’ make them completely different words. Alessandro Nesta | Ihr Preis war ein Fulbright-Stipendium, mit dem sie nach Rom zur Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia ging, um die italienische Sprache und Gesang zu studieren. Trentino Genealogy | Family History for Trentini Decendants,, Like the ‘Bondi’ family, this ‘Tacchel/Tachelli’ family were kind of floating in space on my tree for the longest time because I just couldn’t figure out who they were. My relatives live in Riva del Garda. Duvredo is a tiny ‘frazione’ (even smaller than a village) in Trentino in northern Italy, with a current population of only 94 people. Apparently, the family were unaware of the origin of the soprannome prior to my researching the family history. 1960: Sívori | Dans le langage contemporain les symboles modernes furent Del piero et Jérôme Lecomte (fr) 1992: Sergei Juran / Jean-Pierre Papin, 1993: Romário | There was indeed only one couple with those names in that village at that time. El Pampa Sosa. Francesco Totti | Similarly, the present-day surname ‘Tosi’ in the same parish came from the soprannome of a branch of the noble Crosina family of Balbido. 1988: Maradona | What’s funny about that is I am also part Cimbri, but only 1/8. 1989: Serena | While some surnames on the Italian peninsula appear in records as early as the 1200s or so, you don’t really see them becoming the norm until around the 1400s, and even then, they are often a bit ‘fluid’ and still in the state of change/clarification. You’ll see the ride up and down Monte Bondone from inside the cable car, and a few scenes of the village of Sardagna at the top of the mountain. Hope you enjoy it. This is why you might sometimes see a father with one soprannome, and his son with another. Some soprannomi are actually other SURNAMES. I had no idea that soprannomi were used throughout Italy. Januar 1993 unter Cesare Maldini in der U-21-Nationalmannschaft. Spiel im Dress von Juventus und erzielte dabei seinen 204. Pollaiolo: translation. 1996: Jari Litmanen | [1] Für Sportsgeist und Fairness wurde er mehrmals ausgezeichnet, so etwa mit dem „Associazione Soomaaliya Special Award for Fairness“ und dem „Coppa d’Argento’ Premio Speciale Gentleman Award“. But SOME Trentino families really 'got around'! I think it is useful to think of a soprannome as a kind of ‘bolt on’ family surname, an idea that is also consistent with literal meaning of the word (‘on top of the name’). By the way, I did a tree for someone in Lombardia recently (Brescia) and one of the soprannomi for their family was ‘Austria’! You can sometimes read decades worth of records in some parishes, and never stumble across a single soprannome. Rating. My observation is that these names arise only when they are needed (e.g. On your other query, I would guess that muratore refers to the occupation, not a soprannome. Il fenomeno RONALDO. A Guide for Genealogists. I think I can do it easily as I’ve the habit of naming the files/photos (baptism, marriage, etc) with both, so a quick search on the mac should do it. 9 years ago. – Gloria. How the name becomes “official” is still unclear. You'll hear me huffing and puffing, as this mountain village is just never stops going up, up, up! It also brings to mind the ‘Dance of the Moors’ in Verdi’s opera Aida. 2010.. soprannome; soprannominato In this video you will see the sacred wooden shepherd's cross after which the parish was named, which was discovered on top on nearby Monte San Martino around 1600, and brought to the church in 1624, as well as the 1,000 year old subterranean chapel with 800 year old frescoes of angels on Romanesque pillars. 1980: Bettega | Sein 698. und letztes Pflichtspiel für Juve absolvierte er im Finale der Coppa Italia am 20. Favourite answer. 1959: Just Fontaine | What was the ‘Istituto delle Laste' in Trento, and how can we find out about our ancestors who were born there? Juni 2010. 1948: Boniperti | Ethnicity Vs. Aldo Serena (Italian pronunciation: [ˈaldo seˈreːna]; born 25 June 1960) is an Italian former professional footballer, who was usually deployed as a forward.He played for several Italian clubs throughout his career, winning four Serie A titles, among other trophies; he is mainly remembered for his time with Inter, where he won several trophies, including a league title and the UEFA Cup. Charcoal making was a ‘whole family’ operation, requiring the family to spend many months of the year in the woods, away from their main village. SIDE NOTE: The surname for the ‘Ballina’ family here eventually become ‘Fusari’. Cheryl. 1978: Allan Simonsen | It really does make a difference, not just in finding and following up information, but in presenting it as “genealogical proof” to others. In simple terms, we can say that creating a structure is fundamental to being able to identify things and to distinguish one thing from another. Thus, in early records (and sometime even after surnames were already in use), you will see things like ‘Sebastiano of Sesto’, or ‘Nicolo’ son of Sebastiano of Sesto’. However, for the longest time I couldn’t figure out who this Bondi family were or how they connected to the rest of the tree. August 2014 verpflichtete der indische Verein Delhi Dynamos FC Del Piero, bei dem er als Marquee Player, also als weltbekannter Spieler, fungierte.

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